Company Profile

2003 until 2006 SunLaser AG has manufactured laserwelded Aluminium Fullplate Absorbers for thermal flat plate collectors mainly for the European Solar Market. Beside a very high process security our system concept is characterized by its flexibility.

With our laser welding equipment we are able to offer a process that allows high qualitiy and durable connections with best themal conductivity. This was proofed in several test that have shown an extraordianry high efficiency value for the connection. Laser Welding Technology in the solar industry is an economical solution for industrial mass production.

Since 2006 the newly founded company SunLaser Consulting GmbH specializes in offering this production technology to the solar thermal industry worldwide. In close cooperation with the system integrator MiniTec Schweiz AG we succesfuly have delivered two turnkey laser welding equipments. Further equipments are in the pipe line.

A big part of our success story is based on key employees from SunLaser's time in production. They are now staff at MiniTec Schweiz AG and not only further develop the system technology but also count with a wide experience from their own production time. Therefore we are able to understand the needs of our clients and are able to transform them in short time. We not only understand system integration but also the application by heart.