The advantages of laser-welded aluminium absorbers:


- Quality

No separation or changes in the pipework at high temperatures, nor other effects thanks to a connection via  molten metals. Offer your customers a product of a quality that cannot be beaten, thanks to laser-welding, so that your solar installation is really worth the investment.


- Protection

A protective film prevents soiling of the selective layer from its manufacture until the absorber is fitted to the collector. Simple handling and economical packaging, without sacrificing quality, are major plus points for our laser absorber.


- Stability

By using 0.5 mm gauge sheet aluminium a stable panel that is simple to transport is created by welding it to the copper piping.


-  Price

The costs for the coated sheet aluminium are less than comparable selectively-coated copper sheeting due to its material cost. Particularly when using serpentine absorbers, economic solutions are the result.


- Environment  Our laser-welding method is a clean process with no additives or release of pollutants into the environment. This prevents any disturbing influences on the quality of the selective coating.